For the Love of Collecting

RBI Cards was created for the curation of a collection that got its beginnings over 35 years ago. What makes RBI Cards unique is that each card posted on this site is uniquely posted, and each is available for sale, of course. Every card on the site is a quantity of one, and the picture posted is of that specific card. Because each card is unique and can be appreciated for what it is.

What you see is what you get.

Each image is a high-resolution scan of a card in a protective sleeve (or slab in the case of graded cards). While this is extremely costly and time-consuming, we do this so you know exactly what to expect in the card. These high-resolution scans show details that are undetectable by the human eye and in a level of clarity that can’t be aptly captured in words. So zoom in and check them out–it’s actually pretty interesting to see the cards at that level of detail! Just be mindful, as all cards are scanned in their final protective sleeves (or slabs) and although we do our best, sometimes the scans will include fibers and marks that are not on the card itself. However, you can be confident that the card will never be removed from the protection in which it was scanned and the condition will be preserved from the scan.

But why?

The COVID-era collecting universe was incredible for breathing life into the hobby and driving the value of collections to new heights. But that doesn’t mean the fun of collecting cards–and appreciating them–is reserved exclusively for PSA 10-graded cards. Collecting cards is fun. And for those of us who have been collecting our entire lives, it’s now nostalgic. There’s just something about holding those cards in your hands. And it is for the fun of the hobby itself–for the love of collecting–RBI Cards exists.